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Coral Springs

The Coral Springs Bridge was painted red. there were no other buildings in the whole City. Hurricane Cleo passed over the Covered Bridge in August of 1964, but the Bridge was so strong, it was not damaged. To make the Bridge more interesting, murals were painted on each side. The mural on the east side of the Coral Springs Bridge had a picture of a red bull. The mural on the west side of the Bridge showed a can of peaches. There were no trees around the Bridge, so the murals were easy to see. The first building was the Coral Ridge properties Real Estate office, opened in 1964. Coral Ridge properties Real Estate had maps of the first Coral Springs neighborhoods built. they developed the entire City of Coral Springs — roads, canals and parks. The Coral Springs Real Estate office was a white, one-room building with a Bahama style roof. The steps on the roof allowed the rain to run off. The Coral Springs Real Estate office was built at the northwest corner of 441 and Wiles road, the first road into coral Springs. It was not paved, so when someone drove on it, clouds of dust billowed up from the dirt road. By 1966, the Coral Springs real estate office became too small for Coral Ridge properties. They gave it to the City of Coral Springs, who moved it to the northwest corner of Wiles road and Woodside Drive, where it became the first police station. the first Coral Springs police officer had a black and tan German shepherd K-9 named Sgt. Satan. By 1972, it was too small for the Coral Springs police Department. the police moved to a bigger station and the building became a clubhouse until 1976. Then, nobody wanted it. the building was towed to 127th Avenue and 39th street — the Coral Springs City Dump. it was used by the fire Department as a training school. One day, they accidentally set it on fire! When people saw how sturdy the little building was, they decided to rescue it. In 1977 it was moved again, pulled by a flatbed truck it was followed by a parade of people and the Coral Springs High school Band, marching along to Mullins park. The building was cleaned and repaired and opened as the Mini Museum in 1978. It is now the Museum of Coral Springs History, displaying the earliest maps and pictures of the City. Coral Ridge properties needed a bigger building by 1966 for all the people working to develop the new City of Coral Springs. The Coral Ridge properties Administration Building was planned to look like Thomas Jefferson’s university of Virginia. in 1978, the City of Coral Springs bought the building to use as City Hall. The first restaurant, the Red Fox Inn, and Coral Springs public library were in the West Wing. the first Coral Springs post office was in the East Wing. Children rode their horses to the Coral Ridge properties Administration Building to pick up the mail until 1970, when local delivery began. The Covered Bridge continues to be very important to the City of Coral springs, even though the Bridge can no longer be seen from Wiles road because of all the trees. Its image is on the Coral Springs City seal, badges and the Coral Springs City flag.